What Is the Virtual Training Company?

The Virtual Training Company,also known as VTC, was launched in 1996. It has grown substantially over the years and is now one of the largest trainers of photography software currently available. They create training CDs using QuickTime which makes it easy to learn anything. There is also an online university which was opened in 2005.

About Virtual Training Company

The Virtual Training Company is a very popular producer of digital training packages for photography software. There are also a number of online training solutions available. These online training packages will make it possible to learn new skills without needing to travel anywhere different.

CD or Online

The tutorials available on CD and the Internet are the same. The only real difference is that the quality is slightly better with a CD. The Internet versions are however much more convenient. This is because they can be accessed anywhere in the world for as long as your subscription remains valid.


The CDs can be purchased for a one time cost. Membership to the online university can be paid either annually or monthly depending on your preferences. There are also multi-user licences available for organizations.

Different Tutorials

There aer many different tutorials available at the Virtual Training Company. These include Adobe InDesign, FireWorks and Photoshop.