What Is Lynda All About?

Lynda is a resource for educational purposes and digital arts. It also has, in a decade of existence, managed to gain acceptance throughout the world. Lynda Weinman is the co-founder and is an author with many bestsellers to her name. She also instructs people in digital arts. Lynda.com is the publisher of key software applications including well known ones such as Macromedia, Adobe, Corel, Microsoft and Apple as well as Autodesk. Here is what you can expect from Lynda.com.

Online Training Library

Lynda.com offers an Online Training Library that remains open throughout the day as well as during night (seven days a week). It contains thousands of professional grade Windows and Mac QuickTime tutorials (video). In these videos, you will find information on design principles as well as on software for printing. It will also show you how to use the Web, how to work with videos and digital photography, and more.

Expert Instructors

Lynda.com also employs expert instructors that are true masters in their fields and who are also great teachers as well. They can answer all your questions and will offer useful advice. Their mission is to impart knowledge regarding correct workflow and they will also teach you how to develop skills required to solve problems. The best part is that none of the teachers at Lynda.com will ever talk down to their students.


You can choose between single-user subscription plans and multi-user subscription plans. You can also try their services for free before becoming a subscriber.

The bottom line is that Lynda.com is dedicated to helping people learn, master and also apply various digital tools as well as techniques in the best manner possible.