Wedding Videos: Home Movies vs. Professional

There are few things more cherished and more appreciated in a wedding than the wedding videos. They capture those moments that will be remembered forever and also provide hours of entertainment for the couple. There are two different trends in regards to wedding videos. Some people like the more personal home movies that are captured by family and friends. Others think that the wedding video should be left to the professionals. Both have their pros and cons and should be carefully considered well before the wedding.

Home Movies

A much cheaper, cost efficient option, home movies provide that intimate entertainment that only close friends and family can capture. While a professional videographer can capture those close moments, home videos taken by family tend to get those intimate moments at a deeper level. A friend who is capturing this home video may also feel a bigger part of the wedding and appreciate you asking them to capture this special day.

In order to capture these special days, you should consider renting high quality equipment instead of using a regular video camera. While you may not use a videographer, consider asking to rent their equipment. They may charge a nominal fee up front and when you return the equipment, they may charge you for any damage to their equipment. They may also be able to give you useful pointers on how to get quality images and videos.

Professional Movies

While it may cost more, if you have a larger budget, you may want to opt for the professional videographer. They have all the equipment that is needed to capture those special moments. You will get a higher quality image also. It may cost more but you may be happier with the outcome in the long run.

If you decide to go the route of hiring a professional, take the time to get references. Ask the videographer to see videos of previous weddings. If you feel that he or she is unable to perform the task of videotaping the wedding, feel free to let them know that you will not be choosing these services. Never feel pressured to choose a videographer just because you have looked into their services. You will always want a videographer who is willing to let you look around before deciding to use their services.

If you decide to use their services, be sure to sit down and meet with the videographer to let them know exactly what you are looking for. Perhaps give them some advice on some of the most important moments to you. What you consider important to you may not be considered important to other people. The videographer is not a psychic. If you do not voice your opinion as to what you want, consider it your own fault if you do not get a quality video.

While you may think that you are getting a great deal by not hiring a videographer, you may save yourself much disappointment in the long run if you splurge for a professional. If you absolutely cannot hire a videographer, follow the tips above to get the best videos possible.

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