Ways To Be Cautious About Buying Used Photography Supplies

You must be careful when you photography supplies so as not to waste money. You can purchase everything brand new and in the box or you can opt to purchase photography supplies in a used or nearly new state. If you plan to try and save some money by purchasing supplies that are not brand new, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get high quality pieces. Follow these steps and have a little patience.

Step 1 - Check for Scratches

If you are buying used lenses, first check for scratches. A lens is no good to you as a photographer if it has markings, scratches or other blemishes on it.

Step 2 - Test the Equipment

Beforer you purchase the equipment or the supplies, you will want to see if the store or the seller will allow you to test it out while you are in the store. This will give you at least an initial opportunity to get familiar with the supplies and to make sure they perform up to your standards.

Step 3 - Ask about Warranties

If you are purchasing any type of electronic components or equipment, such as a used printer, you will want to ask if there are any additional warranties with the equipment. There may be an extended warranty you can purchase and if so, you should really consider purchasing the extended warranty, especially since the supplies are used.

Step 4 - Ask about Money Back Guarantees

It is also a great idea to find out if your seller has a money back guarantee. For example, if there is no warranty available, you will want to know that you can bring the equipment back if you are not satisfied or if it does not perform up to the standard you expected.

Step 5 - Return Policy

Another important aspect of purchasing used photography supplies is understanding the return policy. Some sellers and stores will allow you to return the supplies within a given period of time. This will give you enough time to try the supplies and make sure you are satisfied. Some stores give a 7 or 14 day return policy and window, so as long as you have met certain criteria.

Step 6 - Ask about Track Record

Every store and every seller has a track record. Are they in the business of selling used photography equipment and supplies or are they mainly a business that spends most of their efforts selling new things. You probably want to stick with a seller that specializes in used equipment and supplies because they understand the mindset of a used purchaser and they understand that everything is not always perfect. These types of sellers will be much more flexible with you during the purchase and return processes.

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