Virtual Training Company: FAQs

Virtual Training Company is an online computer training company that offers various courses to individuals. You can choose from a wide variety of topics and courses of interest that best fit your needs. These courses are all available online; you just have to listen to audio recordings or real-time online streaming videos in order to take the course. Although this is a very effective learning platform, a lot of people still have questions and apprehensions about the system.

What Is Virtual Training?

This is the most common question Virtual Training Company comes across. Virtual training is basically a class or training session that is done remotely. These sessions are presided over by the VTC instructors.

How Does Virtual Training Work?

You would usually need a webcam and of course a stable Internet connection. You simply connect to the VTC server and you will come face to face with the instructor. You can see the teacher and he can see you. It’s like bring in a private class, only in the comfort of your own home.

Can Questions be Asked?

Yes, you can raise questions just like in any ordinary classroom setting. The instructor is able to see you so asking questions is highly encouraged.