Using DVD Studio Pro with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro files can be exported over into DVD studio pro. These two programs work together especially in the process of making a DVD. Even if you just want to play your piece on something besides the camcorder, you can convert your Final Cut Pro piece into the proper format to import over to DVD Studio Pro. The steps to use these two programs together for this purpose as an example are listed below.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Video Clip

Step 1: Encoding Your Video into MPEG2

The first thing you need to do is to export your video clip from final cut pro. Load your clip into the Viewer and select Viewer. Click on File, Export, then Quick Time. Once you have the quick time dialogue box open, select MEPG2. Your clip should have audio so be sure to click the Save Audio box to put a check mark in it. The audio file needs to be exported with the video file. If in the event that you forget to export the audio, you can do it manually by going to File, Export, Quick Time and select the AIFF option which will export the audio.

Step 2: Encoding Your Audio to AC-3

When you export the audio from final cut, two files are created - an AIFF file and MPEG-2 file. In the Audio tab, Audio Coding Mode module will let you choose the configuration of channel for your final file AC-3. You can select "2/0(L, R) from the menu if your Final Cut Pro audio was stereo mix. If it was a mono mix, you can select "1/0 C ) which is for a Center channel. Your choices will update in the Input Channel's graphical view. 

Step 3: Assign Input Channels

You can select the AIFF file when you click the left channel input button, then select Open. You will need to select the Left default in A pack and assign the input right channel in the same manner. When you have allocated all of the audio channels, it is ready to be encoded. To ensure maximum compatibility, set the data audio rate to 256kbps.

Step 4: Import into DVD Studio Pro

You now are ready to bring your AC-3 assets and MPEG-2 that you prepared over to DVD Studio Pro and link them again. Go to File, then Import. Select your assets that you just created and click Add. Once you added the assets, click the button Import. These will bring them over to the Assets container. 

Step 5: Add Video Track

The easiest method to add a video track: by dragging the file .m2v from Asset container over to your graphical view area. DVD studio pro then creates a track with the MPEG asset. Once it is created, you can click Preview to see your track.

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