Using DVD Studio Pro with Compressor

DVD Studio Pro and Compressor were created by Apple and they both help you create a professional DVD every time. If you own a video camera and are trying to figure out how to make your own DVDs, then check out DVD Studio Pro. You will be able to quickly build your DVD using the templates provided by this software.

Compressor is used to encode information from one format to another. For example, electronic encoding transforms a signal to a code which makes it easier to transmit and/or store. Compressor is usually shipped with DVD Studio Pro because of its excellent ability to encode video into MPEG-2. This format is required for DVDs. You are given control of the encoding parameters and the quality of the video. You are also given the ability to batch process several files at once when you use Compressor. After encoding is complete, you can import them into DVD Studio Pro. When you burn the disc, you will only have to mix and format the disc. It takes less time and your overall quality is better because you used Compressor to encode. Below are the steps involved in using DVD Studio Pro with Compressor.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Compressor

Step 1: Prepare All Files Needed

DVD Studio Pro will guide you through the process of preparing all the files needed, such as menu files, video files, audio files and slideshow files. You will be given different options for each file, therefore, use the options you think will make your DVD your own. When preparing the menu files, you will be able to define different menu items. Such items as Play, Chapters, Bonus Features and Photographs are often used as menu buttons. Having all the files ready for export before creating the DVD and using Compressor will make the process go smoother. You will not have to keep getting in and out of DVD Studio Pro to create your files.

Step 2: Install and/or Update Compressor

Make sure you have the latest Compressor version. You will not want to work with it unless it is the latest version. You should do a software update to find the latest version, and update the Compressor presets. To update Compressor presets, you must exit Compressor. Go to your Compressor folder in the home menu, select library, then application support. Move all the files with ".setting" or ".group" suffix into a temporary folder. After the Compressor is updated, you can remove the old files

If creating your own DVD sounds like something you would like to try, then get started now. Follow the above steps and begin making DVDs to use as gifts or as entertainment at you next party or family get together.

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