Using Disk Utility and DVD Studio Pro Together

Disk utility can be used with DVD Studio Pro to create duplicate discs when you do not have the regular or original burning source materials to burn your projects. You will not be able to use it on discs that are copy protected. Disk utility will only work on non copyrighted material or any other material that you are legally allowed to reproduce. To use the disk utility, you will need to create disc image. This file has the format and structure as well as the content of CD, physical disk or DVD. Creating disc image before burning will allow you to preview the DVD content. Doing this allows you to catch and fix any errors before you actually burn to a physical disc. There are just a few steps to follow in order to use disk utility and DVD studio pro together for disc duplication. The steps are outlined below.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Studio Pro Software Program
  • Disc Utility Application

Step 1: Creating Disc Image

In the DVD studio pro program, click on "build and format" or click File, then Advanced Burn, and Build and Format. At the bottom of the window Build and Format, you will see Destination section. Look in the menu for Output Device and choose "hard drive". You should now see the option Output Format reading .img which is your disc image. Click on Build and Format, and a status bar will appear. Once the status bar is finished, you should see Formatting Successful. You should now have the DVD disc image on your computer desktop.

Step 2: Testing Your Player

Since you have your disc image, you can test the DVD with it. When you open your DVD Player, double click disc image in order to open the folder for it. You will see the audio_ts folder and video_ts folder inside. Close the window and disc image will load to DVD player so that you can play it.

Step 3: Using Disk Utility

Once you are happy with your DVD functioning properly, put it on a physical disc. Open the disk utility. Refer to the left column. You should see your mounted disc image version and the disc image. You will need to choose disc image (not the mounted version). Once you select disc image, you will see the Burn option become active for use in the tool bar for disk utility. If you have selected mounted version, then the Burn option will not activate on the disk utility tool bar.

Step 4: Burning

Click on Burn button to open the disk burning module. In the event when you have more DVD burners, you will have to select which one you would like to use. This disk utility will ask you which speed you would like to use. Keep in mind that the slower speed you select will result in a more reliable finished product. The disk utility offers to verify your DVD bit by bit. Verification process is done with the fastest read rate. When you finish burning the DVD, you may delete the project from DVD studio pro if you like. If you want to burn more copies, then you can keep the disk image. 

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