Tips to Pose Subjects for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be an ideal way for anyone to make some extra money, and to get the best out of your wedding shots you will need to learn how to pose your subjects.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Digital Camera
  • Tripod
  • Persuasion
  • Patience

Step 1 - Get Suggestions About Poses

Flip through wedding magazines to find out about some possible poses. Before any photo shoot it's a good idea to select 10 of your favorite poses. You can practice these poses until you get the best results. You can also find possible poses by surfing wedding sites on the Internet.

Step 2 - Make Poses Natural

When arranging the subjects of a wedding photo shoot, it's important to try and keep the poses as natural as possible. This will ensure that the subjects feel comfortable while you are taking their photos.

Step 3 - Focusing on the Bride

The bride is the most important person in the wedding, so concentrate on taking photos of the bride throughout this special day. Before pressing the shutter button you need to ensure that the bride is looking the right way and looking at her best. Break up any straight lines by using gentle curves; for example, ask her to hold her arms so that they are curved and not straight.

Step 4 - Build Trust

It's extremely important that you make your subjects feel at ease so that you can take the best possible photos. You need to break the ice and build up a rapport with the subjects of your photo. By starting a conversation you will be able to get much more natural looking photographs.

Step 5 - Dealing with Heavier Brides

When taking photos of brides who are overweight you should avoid taking photos of them sitting down. You should only ever take photos of heavier brides when they are standing up as this is tends to be more flattering.

Step 6 - Take More than One Photo

The beauty of digital cameras is that you can take a number of different photos and review them instantly. You should always take a few different shots in case anyone in the photo is blinking or looking away.

Take a number of different photos, load them onto your computer and compare them.

Step 6 - Taking Natural Photos

Wedding photographs don't always have to be staged and posed. It's also important to take photographs that aren't staged. Take candid shots during the service, when the bride throws the bouquet and during the reception. As a wedding photographer you should get the mix right between natural and staged photos.

Step 7 - Make People Look Good

You need to take the photos in a way that make the bride and groom look as good as they possibly can. These photos will help people to remember their wedding day forever, and it's important that they remember it for all the right reasons. You should always be on alert to catch simple nuances, such as the flower girl dancing.

Encourage people to tilt their head as this will flatter the subject. Experiment with different types of head tilts to get the right effect.

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