Tips to Make Wedding Photography Albums

Many are willing to pay top dollar to make sure their wedding photography captures all the precious moments from the special day or weekend. They are also willing to pay even more in order to have these photos put into one place that is easily accessible for years to come. Wedding photography albums provide a great way to present your photos while protecting them from air and other damage. There are several things that you can do in order to make a memorable wedding album.

Arrange the Photos

It makes the most sense to put them into chronological order. This will allow the client to recall the memories as they happened. It is important to listen to the client. If they would like the portraits arranged in a different pattern, follow their request. Perhaps they want all of the brides pictures together in the beginning and then random photos scattered throughout. No matter how they want their album, it is up to you to give them exactly what they want.

Add Personality to the Album

Whether the client wants a classic album or one that shows personality will affect the way you organize and create a photography album. Some clients want their album to be more of a scrapbook. Doing this allows you to bring more pizzazz into the album. Leave room in the back of the book for their special items such as pressed flowers, an invitation or the garter. Keeping these memories in one place make it easier for the clients to present the album to others.

Select the Font

It is important to choose the same font on each page or the album will look like a patchwork quilt. A classy calligraphy will add character and class to any wedding album. Bubble letters may be a choice for a fun loving, adventurous couple. Most fonts have several variations which will allow you add emphasis to a certain picture without changing the font completely.

Include A Variety

Black and white, along with sepia pictures allows normal portraits to become more dramatic. They also help hide the flaws in skin. Creating close up shots in black and white are more forgiving than the normal color shots. Sepia is also becoming more popular in portraits. They lend an old fashioned feel to a photo and prevent fading over the decades.

Get Odd Shots

It does not have to always be about the bride and groom. Getting shots of the brides shoes or the brides jewelry can be an interesting addition to the album. Include shots of the outside of the venue in order for the client to remember what the weather was like on that special day.

Go Digital 

Today, more people are going digital than ever before. Combining all of the portraits into an online album allows the client to share the photos with those who are not physically close. This may also be a choice for those who are worried about losing the prints.

No matter what you decide to do for the client, be sure to listen to their needs and desires. If you follow the steps listed above, you can help capture that special memory for years to come.

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