Tips to Make a Professional Photographer Business Card

While no photography business should be without a website, the time-honored business card still has a valuable role to play in your marketing plan. A well-designed card is your offline billboard and can actually drive more inquiries to your business than many online marketing tools.


Some photographers may use a postcard-sized calling card, but for the most part, business cards are still small. In this typically 2"x 3"space you need to be able to fit your contact information, your web address, (hopefully) your tagline or motto, and any other design elements such as sample images.

Your card will be tacked up in many places, so the text of your business name needs to be large enough to be read at a glance. Including an example photo can pique viewer interest, but choose an image with a simple composition that can be absorbed with a quick look.

Your mini-billboard needs to be noticeable, but it should also reflect the style of your website and any other marketing materials. Fonts and color schemes should be identical. Everything about your business card should reinforce the brand you are trying to build.


If you are printing your cards at home use either a specialty paper that is capable of producing clean edges when separated or, if you are printing onto cardstock, spend the money and have your cards professionally cut at a copy shop.

Cards featuring sample photographs should be printed on glossy paper whether they are printed at home or by a print shop. If you are ordering cards, try to get a sample of the paper.

Printing Options

Remember that your card will evolve with your business. You may find it more economical to print a few sheets of cards at home rather than ordering 200 cards and deciding on a design change with 150 left in the box.

Once you have settled on a design, however, uploading your design to a print service or ordering cards at an office supply chain is cheaper by far. Most services will accept .pdf and jpg files, but check dimension and color profile requirements before placing your final order. Also, be sure to ask for a proof before placing an order for 100 or 500 cards.

Now that you have your card in hand, give it to everyone you meet, even friends who you think should already know about your business. Give your spouse a stack to take to work. If you find yourself waiting for a table near a bulletin board, tack a couple up; board, impatient diners have nothing to do but read your card when they're waiting in line. Use every opportunity to tell people about your photography business, and then preserve the conversation by giving them your card.

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