Tips to Get Free Travel through Photography Jobs

As a professional photographer, you will probably be trying your hardest to find photography jobs. There are many photography jobs which have lots of additional perks, including free travel. These jobs are very popular and competitive, so maybe is very difficult. You need to make your application stand out from the crowd so that you can possibly land the job.

Get Experience

Before you can stand any chance of landing one of these lucrative travel photography jobs you must first get some experience. You need to build up a strong portfolio of great photos if you want to be considered for one of these jobs. Travel photography jobs are so popular that hundreds of people will be applying for them.

You need to get some experience however you can get it. It can be difficult to get experience as nobody wants to hire you, however you need to think creatively. You can for example offer to do work for free or just take some photos of your local area. You need to demonstrate that you are worth taking a risk on. Your experience and skills will help to get your foot in the door and hopefully get you to an interview.

Find a Job

The most difficult step for you will be to find a job which involves photography and travel. Although there are many of these jobs, it's often difficult to get them because they are in such high demand. The best places to look for these traveling photography jobs is on the internet. The internet is a valuable resource but it will be luck more than anything if you stumble across one.

Search on Internet forums and on specialist photo websites. Somebody might know something about one of these jobs which is available.

Talk to Companies

Another possible method of finding a job is by talking directly to newspaper and travel guide companies. They may not be hiring at the moment but if they see your work and like it then they might consider you anyway. You never know until you try, and this is certainly worth the embarrassment.

Apply for Jobs

When you apply for any photography job, print off a copy of your portfolio and enclose it along with your resume. If you don't want to send your whole portfolio, pick out a few of your best shots that are of interest to you and that show off your skills. Make sure that you customize your application with detailed experience and shots that are suitable for the employer.

Shine at the Interview

If you're lucky enough to get invited back for an interview, you will need to prepare yourself. Go armed with your portfolio so that you can talk about it and demonstrate your ability. Make sure that you never lie on your resume or in your portfolio. It's very easy for employers to check up on your credibility.

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