The Top 4 Photography Schools in Arizona

Photography schools in Arizona prepare students for a successful career. These schools and universities offer several courses in photography ranging from technical to artistic approaches. In some cases, there are even career opportunities offered to selected graduates. Here are a few of the best photography schools in Arizona:

1. The Art Institutes

This isn’t just a photography school, it also offers video and film courses for a certificate program or bachelor’s degree. Other than its Arizona school, the Art Institutes boasts of 40 other branches in North America.

2. Academy of Art Universities

Founded in 1929, this is the largest private design and art academic institution in the U.S. Students can choose between online classes or campus-based programs to study photography.

3. The Art Institute of Phoenix

Based in Tucson, the land of the Grand Canyon, photography students have a wide and diverse range of choices for their courses in photography. Even the people and the communities are good subject for historical and cultural photos.

4. Collins College

Photography is only a small part of what this school offers. It provides several courses, such as visual communication, digital video and multimedia. It has an advanced curriculum for art studies and currently has 50 other branches in the U.S.