The Top 3 Photography Schools in Utah

Photography Schools in Utah are slowly gaining popularity because of the rise in artists' compensation and career options in the city. Add to this the natural beauty of Utah landscapes and geography, and you have a veritable paradise for would-be photographers. Here are some of the best photography schools Utah has to offer:

1. Salt Lake Community College

This college uses traditional and modern approaches to photography, illustration and graphic design. It offers associate degrees, diplomas and certificate courses in design/photography and visual arts. Included photography courses are portrait, documentary, digital, web, commercial, stock and fine art photography.

2. Brigham Young University

This Provo Utah locale university offers degrees in fine arts and visual arts that have an emphasis in photography. It’s one of the biggest non-profit private schools in Utah, serving 34,000 students. The school also offers internships to all photography students.

3. Coker College

Known for inviting international artists and exhibitors as guest speakers or trainers, Coker College integrates hands-on experience with academic lectures and classroom curriculum. The school plans and initializes student field trips to various art centers in different cities, such as New York, or even to other countries, such as England and Africa. They school teaches traditional techniques hand while offering hands-on experience.