The Top 2 Photography Schools in Washington

The following guide will help you locate good photography schools in Washington. These days photography schools are centers that prepare students for rewarding careers in the professional photography industry. Following are the best photography schools in and around Washington.

1. The Washington School of Photography

The Washington School of Photography is now in the business of preparing world class photographers. It has been around for almost 35 years. It starts by assisting students to capture the desired images with the required expression of creativity. The Washington School of Photography offers a certificate course in photography and the curriculum involves details on digital post processing, digital workflow, alternative processes, portrait lighting and camera equipment operation.

2. The Art Institute of Seattle

The Art Institute of Seattle provides a Bachelor level degree course in the craft of photography. This program has been designed to prepare enrolling students for entry-level jobs in the career lines of commercial photography and photojournalism. The school’s primary focus is on training the students to express their creativity in newer, better and more original formats, while keeping the classical principle of photography in mind.

This blend of traditional and contemporary photography gives the school its main strength. The learning facilities are state of the art and provide hands on training for all the industry leading photography equipment. The curriculum focuses on proper equipment use, correct lighting and composition, along with design and coloring.