The Top 2 Photography Schools in Michigan

If you are looking to take up photography you will want to start with one of the best Photography Schools in Michigan. Following are the best photography schools in and around Michigan.

1. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, offers a good photography course that has a strong focus on composition and highly detailed and meticulous analysis of imagery and editing. The school makes a very wide range of photographic equipment available to its students. The teaching methodology focuses on grooming the students to capture images that get a reaction from the viewer.

The curriculum covers all aspects of digital imaging, photography techniques, design and color. Each student is required to make and submit a digital portfolio to communicate his or her own visual and graphical styles. The school prepares the students well for an entry-level job in career lines such as magazine photography, commercial photography, production, photojournalism, photographic and editing.

2. The Art Institute of Michigan

The Art Institute of Michigan has a bachelor’s level program in photography and digital media arts. The program is designed to prepare an entering student to be competitive in the professional photography circles. The school has a relentless focus on preparing students to express their own creativity and ideas in an original format. The teaching methodology is all about providing a "learning on the job" kind of environment. The labs are well stocked with state of the art of photographic equipment and facilities. The curriculum involves teachings on equipment use, lighting, composition, coloring and design. The targeted careers after the course completion are commercial photography and photojournalism.