The Top 2 Photography Schools in Houston

There are a lot of photography schools in Houston and each school is unique in terms of the training and core content that is delivered to the students. There are a lot of photography based employment opportunities in Houston that graduates of the following schools can obtain.

1. Glassell School of Art

The Glassell School of Art in Houston has a lot to offer its students. It offers regular classes, workshops, and many more educational and employment opportunities, based on the age group, need, experience level and the interest of the student. The school was founded in 1979 and has more than 100 classes and courses that allow for artistic learning from all perspectives.

The highlight of all the courses is the Core Artist-in-Residence Program. It is a very reputed postgraduate fellowship program that has allowed many young artists to make the jump from formal training to professionally and economically successful careers.

2. The Art Institute of Houston

The Art Institute of Houston provides a bachelor’s Photography Degree program that equips the students with the creative and technical skill sets required to make it big in the competitive world of photography. The focus is on enabling the students to express their creativity. The teaching methodology is primarily a hands-on approach on the industry leading equipment and techniques. The labs and learning facilities provide education on design, color, dark room techniques, lighting composition and equipment use. It prepares students for jobs such as a commercial photographer or a photojournalist.