Teaching Digital Photography to Kids

Digital photography for kids is a great way to introduce children to the art of photography. Here are some guidelines on where to start. When you first hand a child a digital camera, start with the basic lessons. Teach them how to hold it correctly, where to look to see their image, how to turn it on and off, and how to push the shutter button.  Allow them to master these simple steps before diving into more detailed lessons.

Let Them Experiment

Kids will learn a lot about their camera just by playing with it and seeing what it can do. This experimentation will be much more meaningful and memorable than watching you demonstrate everything. Be available if they have questions and talk to them about the photographs they are taking. These conversations will help children to identify why they are taking certain shots and what they would like to improve.

Encourage Them to Get Close

Children tend to take pictures from a distance, which minimizes the power of the focal point. Teach them how to use the zoom to get closer shots. This may help lead to a lesson in the importance of the composition of a photograph.

Camera Care

It is extremely important to teach kids how to handle their camera so that it will perform optimally. Remind younger children to keep the wrist strap around their wrist at all times to help them keep from dropping the camera. Get a waterproof bag in which to store the camera so that it is protected when it is not being used. You may also want to invest in some screen protectors to minimize screen scratches.