Stock Photography: Understanding Rights-Managed (RM)

There are two main ways to sell stock photography. Most people sell royalty free stock photography, which simply means that these photographs can be used for as long and however the person decides. Right Managed stock photography works slightly differently and allows you much more control over your photographs. This means that you will be able to stipulate how long they are used for, and where they are used.

It's possible to make money using both of these different types of stock photography, but the methods of making money will be different in both cases. With Rights Managed photography, you have much more control over where and how your photographs are used.

What Is Royalty Free Licensing?

In order to understand what rights managed licensing is, it's useful to first take a look at royalty free licensing. Royalty Free is also known as RF. This is a type of license which allows the purchaser to do pretty much anything they want with the image.

This also means that the purchaser has the right to use the image as many times as they want for as long as they want, without needing to pay any additional fees. The number of times that the image can be used is normally unlimited, which is easy for the purchaser. The price that you charge will normally be based on the size of the image.

What Is Rights Managed Licensing?

Rights Managed Licensing is also known as RM. This is a more limited type of image licensing, which gives you much more control over what your image can be used for.

You will be able to restrict the number of times that the image is used, where the image is used and how the image is used. It's also possible to restrict use of the image to a certain geographic region. Sometimes, you might want to use this method to prevent the photograph being used for advertising, which could cause problems if you do not have a model release form.

Difference Between Rights Managed and Royalty Free

If you want to sell Rights Managed images, then it will be possible to make more per image. However, to make this attractive to customers, you must make your images look much better. If there are any images that you are particularly proud of, then you will need to protect these by using rights managed licenses.

A royalty free image is much easier to produce because you don't need to edit it as much. These are sold at a low price, however, it's possible to sell more of them. The images can be used in numerous different ways and anything can be done with them.

You will normally only be able to sell rights managed photographs in small batches. If you are interested in piling them high and selling them cheap, then you need to look into Royalty Free licensing. Rights Managed will normally only be suitable for more experienced photographers with chosen experience.