Stock Photography: Notes on Photographing Children

Stock photography is a very useful way to make some extra money on the Internet. Stock photography is extremely popular because it's useful for use on websites or in various documents. One very popular type of stock photography is photographs of children. Taking photos of children presents its own challenges because there are certain things that you need to do. When taking photographs of kids, you must get permission and keep these documents in case there are ever any questions.

When dealing with children, you need to be more careful than normal. This is because many parents will be over protective, as they do not like the idea of their children's photographs circulating the Internet.

Photographing Kids in Public Places

When taking photographs of children in public places, there aren't actually any specific laws that you must abide by. Actually, you are allowed to take photos of them, however, you should probably ask the parents permission first. By asking the permission, you are covering all the bases and ensuring that they won't end up challenging you.

Model Releases

If you do intend to sell the photographs on stock photo websites, then it is vital that you get model releases. These model releases will cover you in case there are ever any questions about whether or not you had permission to take the photos. Model releases are even more important with children, because there could be a lot of problems to deal with if you don't get the model release documents.

It's important to file these model releases away so that you can actually find them should you ever need them. Keeping these records should make it much simpler to sell your photos online safely and securely.

Being Sensitive

Although the law allows you to take photos of virtually anything you want as long as it's in public view, you must be sensitive when dealing with children. When asking for permission, you should put their minds at ease by handing out a business card. This will show that you're a professional photographer. You can also convince them by telling them that you will send them a copy of the photographs so that they can see exactly how they look. Most people will love the idea of a free photograph of their kids taken by a professional photographer, and so will accept.

Popular Children Stock Photography

There are many different types of children's stock photography. In order to make your business as profitable as possible, you should focus on some of the most popular types and poses. Some popular ideas of poses include children playing, studying, running, crawling or sleeping.

The most popular types of stock photography are used for websites. To make images which are suitable for websites, you should isolate the image from the background. This makes it possible to use the photo on any site without the user needing to edit the photo themselves.

Taking photographs of children can be a profitable way of selling stock photos. Children's photos can be used by a number of businesses and websites.