Stock Art Photography: Where to Find

Stock art photography provides you with the opportunity of having a picture of an object, place or person without having to take it yourself or hire a photographer. But, you also need to know where to find these images before you can use them.

Where to Find Stock Art Photography

It’s actually quite easy to find stock art photography websites. You just need to do a quick Google search to pull up a variety of websites offering this service. But, not all of these sites are reputable. So, you have to be a little discerning before just giving your credit card information away.

Sites like and provide you with plenty of options for finding and using photos. All of these sites require a fee to use their photographs, but you will be able to use these images any way that you see fit.

Why You Should Use a Stock Image Website

With so many images floating around Flickr and Facebook, it would seem like you should be able to use any image that you find. But, you can’t. Unless you have permission to use a particular image, you could get into a lot of trouble with the photographer.

A Free Possibility

While you can’t use every image on Flickr and similar sites, you may be able to use some of the pictures for free. The Creative Commons licenses allow you to use certain pictures for free. But, you have to follow the guidelines set out by the photographer.

Some pictures you may use any way that you want as long as you give the photographer credit. Others will only allow you to use their pictures for certain purposes. But, if you are strapped for cash, this gives you one more area to explore to find pictures.