Stock Art Photography: How to Use

Stock art photography is generic images that are available for individuals or businesses to use as opposed to hiring a photographer. While you will have to pay for these photos, you may use them any way that you see fit.

Step 1: Using Stock Images

Stock images are generally used when you need a particular type of image, but do not wish to hire a photographer. Instead, you can search online databases of images and find one that closely matches what you are seeking and what you need.

Stock photographs are most often used when you need generic or stereotypical scenes or poses. These photographs are usually created in studios. But, some landscape and animal stock images are also available. For example, if you are writing a blog about the Serengeti, but don’t have images of it, you can find stock images of animals of this region taken in their natural habitat.

Stock images are popular on websites, in marketing materials and as backgrounds for other images.

Step 2: Finding Images

If you do any type of online search for stock art photography, several image databases will pop up. Some of the more popular ones include and You will usually have to pay either a flat fee per photograph or a monthly fee.

If you have to pay a monthly fee, this means that you are allowed to download a certain number of photos per month. These types of sites may be cheaper for you than the ones where you have to pay per photo.

Whatever database from which you choose to use, make sure that you can search for photos by keywords. If not, you will have to manually scroll through every category of images.