Shooting Photography for a Website

Website photography is a unique type of an art form different than standard photography designed for print. When you add photographs to a website, it is much better to use original work than it is to use stock photography. It not only gives your website an authentic look and feel, but it prevents complications with copyrights and other legal issues. Here is how you properly take or shoot photographs for a website.

Step 1 - Find Your Subject

You need to first understand what types of photographs your client is looking to add to their website. Understanding your requirements thoroughly before you begin to take photographs is paramount. This will save you time later on and it will give you an ability to produce a much better quality or array of photographs from which to choose.

Step 2 - Plan Your Photographic Shoot

Carefully plan out how you intend to shoot your subject. Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, make sure the lighting is adequate. Make sure the light is framed behind where your subject will be featured. If you intend to be in front of mirrors or glas displays, remember to turn off your flash.

Step 3 - Centering the Subject

Once you have found your subject, get it in clear sight and begin to take photographs. You will want to make sure that you subject is centered in the photo. This is a little different than traditional photograph taking, as you have normally heard that you should not center the subject. Website photography almost requires the centering attribute.

Step 4 - Minimizing Background

You subject needs to be the main focus of your photograph. It needs to adequately represent the person, place or thing you are photographing and it needs to fully minimize the background and background effects. Therefore, your camera must be set to a resolution where the subject fills the photographic area. It should not be too close nor too far away.

Step 5 - Try Different Set Ups

Shooting photographs for a website is an art form and is not a science. You should spend a lot of time just trying different things and different approaches. This means that you need to try out how to shoot photographs in many different aspects and many different lighting options. Try to take your photographic shoots out doors. Try and create a more abstract photographic shoot or try and mix and match colors. Above everything else, make sure that you have a great deal of fun taking your photographs for your website or for your client's website. Your enthusiasm and genuine love for this artform will come out in all the photographs you take.

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