Setting Up a Fashion Photography Gallery

Setting up a fashion photography gallery is great way to showcase your work. Not only does it allow people to view your talent, it also shows potential clients the experience that you can bring to a prospective job. The tips listed below will help you create a successful, artistic photo gallery.

Choose Your Shots Wisely

Although you will want to showcase your best photos, it is best not to stretch the truth. If you have some less than flattering photos, be sure to show your client. Your client will not very pleased if you show them all of these awesome shots and then produce less than what you have showed to them. While it is not smart to show your  less then perfect shots in the most obvious of places, you will want to put them somewhere in the gallery.

Show Them Off Everywhere

You don't have to just show off the shots in a professional gallery that you have to pay money for. Ask if your local library is having an art gallery anytime in the near future. Meet with other artists to get their take on your shots and see if you can swap ideas relating to where you can show your pictures to potential clients. Perhaps even show them off at your house. You never know when a person may come in who can be of assistance in your quest to produce fashion photography. If nothing else, it will make for an interesting conversation piece.


As stated above, get out there and talk to fellow photographers who have experience in the field. The more people you know, the more potential clients you will have. See if they are willing to share ideas. You can also meet with a group of photographers and see if they would like to set up a meet and greet so that you can all show your work to one another. Provide positive critiques to one another and be as truthful as possible. Although they may sound harsh, it is this judgment that you need in order to push you to provide better images.

Consider the Background

You do not want a photo with a dark background to sit in a gallery that is also dark. The photo needs to pop out in order to catch the viewer's eye. If you feel that the background is not appropriate for the photo, ask if you can drape a fabric behind it in order to make it appeal to more viewers.

Be selective about where you set your images. If you feel that the art gallery is not up to your standards, feel free to look elsewhere. Do not feel pressures to show off your shots just because other photographers have.

Be Friendly

While showing off your photos, feel free to talk with those who are viewing your photos. If they get a feel for your personality, that may be the deciding factor in whether or not they will choose you as their photographer. They want a photographer who they can relate to.

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