Selling Photos Online: Importance of Business Cards

When you are selling photos online, business cards remain an important tool. While your business may be transferring to a more centralized online platform, you will still need business cards for face-to-face marketing. Follow these reasons to better understand how business cards can help business.

On the Job

Many assignments in photography will expose you to the public while you are working on the job. For instance, sports photography, weddings, and outdoor photo shoots are all examples of this.

These types of situations will often offer interested people. Unless you plan on carrying brochures around with you, your best bet is likely to be with business cards. Hand them out to people who may be interested in your work. Make sure you have your Internet address on the business card, so that interested people can buy photos online or contact you. For situations such as weddings and in sports photography, people will be interested in purchasing pictures online.

Casual Advertising

When you are speaking to someone who is interested in your line of work, or considering a photographer, handing them a business card will help increase business.

Carry business cards around with you at all times. You will find situations at all times in your day in which you will need to refer a prospective client to your website. Exposing potential customers to your website will allow them to see how they may purchase photos online. Many people like the idea of purchasing photos online.

After a Session

After any session or any kind of photo shoot, make it a habit of offering a business card. You never know if a customer has your information. 

This habit will inform customers of their ability to purchase photos online. As your business card should include information regarding your website, it will direct customers to it so that they may purchase photos online. 

You should also make it a point to inform customers of the option of buying photos online. This practice will streamline your business and take the burden off of your time in purchasing pictures online, if of course your website is streamlined, especially with an outside picture printer.


Business cards are one of the most important marketing tools for drawing people to your website. Customers and potential customers will find your website and be able to purchase pictures online. If you take pictures of larger groups of people, or even random people, potential customers will be able to purchase pictures before doing business with your directly, in circumstances such as event, sports, or wedding photography.

Ensure your website is listed clearly on your business card. You may also want to explicitly state that customers may purchase photos online.  You could even consider offering discounts on online purchases or first-time consumers.

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