Selling Photos Online: 3 Tips

If you are a photographer in the digital age we live in, it is easier than ever to earn a living by selling photos online. All it takes for a photographer to get started is the right equipment and the willingness to work. From there, it is just a matter of knowing what to look for, taking the photos, and then getting them to the right buyer. Here are the basic steps you will need to get started today.

1. Do Your Research

In order to be a successful photographer, you need to understand what makes a good photo. While some aspects can be entirely subjective to different individuals, there are always common elements to keep in mind. Spend some time looking over sample photos online. Look for similarities in the photos that catch your eye so you can begin to notice the things you like, as well as what you do not.

You will learn much more by studying photos that have been sold successfully than just taking tons of random photos yourself with no frame of reference. Being able to tell the difference between an average snapshot and a commercial photo can be a tricky skill to learn. It just takes practice.

2. Take the Right Pictures

If you want your photos to be selected, you will need to shoot what companies want. Stock photos are generic shots that can be used for ads, brochures and business presentations. The stock photos can range from office supplies to street signs or anything else you can imagine.

There are a few important things to avoid in stock photos. Be sure not to include any copyrighted material like company logos or trademarks that you would not be able to sell. Also, be sure the quality is acceptable. The photo should not have any digital noise caused by incorrect exposure settings or too much processing. Every photo should also be available in a high resolution format by default. Most digital cameras can take high resolution photos, but you may need to adjust the settings before you begin.

3. Shop Around

There are many different companies online that you can upload your photos to. These companies usually require you to register and then you are able to submit your photos for consideration. If one of your photos is selected to be used by a designer, you will be paid a commission. The pay can vary based on the client and how the photo will be used.

There are many differences among the different companies regarding how many uploads you are allowed in a certain time frame and how much you will make per photo. Be sure to do plenty of research to be sure you are working with the company that best suites your needs.

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