Save on Darkroom Photography Equipment by Going Digital

Darkroom photography equipment allows you to process and develop your film by hand. However, processing your film the traditional route is time-consuming and requires many different chemicals and pieces of equipment that can be very expensive. By switching to a digital camera, you will save in so many different ways. Consider the following pros and cons of each method.

Equipment Differences

Processing and developing traditional film will require that you purchase equipment to take care of the job. The equipment (such as a developer) is fairly expensive. Using the equipment is also time-consuming and it must be handled with a great deal of care. Photos, from the equipment, generally get processed in specific sizes and beyond this size, you will need to use an enlarger and special lens to produce different sizes of the photograph. This is a meticulous manual process.

Using a digital camera, however, requires very little equipment. First, your digital camera is very much the same as your film-based camera. It has all the bells and whistles to take great photographs. From a cost standpoint, a digital camera today is much less expensive than a film camera. Be aware, however, that technology is changing rapidly and as the saying goes, there is usually the next best thing no sooner after you have already purchased your digital camera.

Film vs Memory Cards

When you take the photograph, rather than producing film snaps of the photograph, you save the picture to a memory card. This way, you no longer need to purchase disposable film. Your memory card has a propensity to store so many more photographs and pictures, than what your film reel had the ability to do. Memory cards, in the long run, will save you a great deal of money and time as compared to using regular film.

You no longer need to develop your film using darkroom equipment. Instead, all you need is a computer and a slot on your computer capable of deciphering the information and pictures contained on the memory card. Saving pictures for later use, is simpler too. Rather than storing your negatives away, you can store your photos in different folders on your computer for later use.

No More Enlargers

Going digital means you can throw away the enlarger and the enlarger lens. Once you may have had to take physical snaps of your photograph to make it into different sizes, but by going digital you simply use a type of photo editing software to help reduce, enlarge and photo retouch your artwork. All in all, by going digital, you not only save a great deal of time, but you also save money.

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