Purchasing Photography Equipment Wholesale

Photography equipment is essential for any photography business to survive, but this equipment can be very expensive. To save money, consider buying wholesale. A wholesale source is a company that deals directly with other businesses rather than an end user. As you are a business, you should be able to negotiate with these wholesale companies to get a good discount.

Step 1 - Deciding on Your Equipment

First, decide on the type of equipment that you want to purchase. The wholesale companies that sell consumable items are usually different than those that sell cameras and other equipment. Decide what you want to buy so that you can find the right suppliers.

Step 2 - Finding Wholesalers

Now you need to find some wholesalers who will be happy to sell their products to you. Search the Internet to find suppliers, both local and far away. Even with shipping costs, it may be cheaper to buy wholesale.

Visit websites to take a look at the types of products certain companies stock. Make sure that you are happy with the quality and range of products available. Also make sure that you're buying from a reputable company that has a physical address and phone number. Phoning the number before placing an order will help to ensure that the company is legitimate and that you can trust them with your money. Steer clear of any foreign wholesalers shipping goods as these may have very long delays in shipping.

Step 3 - Negotiating

The problem with dealing with wholesalers is that they don't often publish the prices on their websites. To find out how much something costs, you will have to register for an account, or possibly even contact them to negotiate. Wholesalers are used to selling in bulk quantities which is why they can offer you substantial savings. It may be possible to bulk buy your consumable photo equipment, however if you just want a single camera then these companies probably won't be able to help you at all.

Phone the companies up to talk to them and find out exactly what they can offer you. They may consider selling two or three cameras at once which would still offer you quite a large saving. You can also often register for a trade account which means you don't have to pay for your purchases for 30 to 90 days depending on the terms agreed.

Step 4 - Dealing

Once you have agreed on a price all that's left to do is pay them. This is done exactly the same as many other online transactions. It's just a simple shop where you put your credit card details in and get a receipt. The goods will then be sent to your registered address.

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