Professional Photographer: Ways to Print Your Work

If you are a professional photographer, your portfolio is among your most important assets for presenting work to potential clients. Though digital photography is so popular these days, it is extremely important to maintain a printed display of your work. A traditional portfolio is 11x14 inches, 16x20 inches, or 8.5x11 inches. Larger sizes have more impact and help your work stand out to the buyer or editor. There are several methods and ways in which you can use to print your work. They are as follows:

Use Your Own Equipment

If you have a printing press or printing equipment in your studio, you will have an ability to print your photos at your own studio. This is probably the easiest way, but it is not always the cheapest. In addition, having your own printing solution gives you an ability to tailor your printing to your needs. It gives you an ability to print in multiple sizes and formats easily.

Use an Online Service

In the digital age, many online services provide photographers the ability to upload their photographs and get them printed. The online service will take your photo in digital state. You select the size and type of photograph you wish to have. The onlie services are great for stock sizes. They generally are not the best type of option if you need to have a customer work completed.

Find a Local Print Shop

There are many different local printing shops available to you. Take your digital files and tell them what you want. Shops will generally be able to get your photographs printed in a matter of days, if not hours. By going to a local print shop, you will get tailored and one-on-one advice. This will also help you develop a local printing contact in the area that you can use to fill many different photograph printing requirements

Try a Store Kiosk

If you are short on time and need a printout right away, if you do not have your own equipment, run over to a photo center or a store kiosk. Take your memory stick or chip with you and insert it into the kiosk. The kiosk will allow you to browse through your pictures and select the photograph you wish to print. They kiosk will then ask you for size selection and matting options. You can tailor your photograph based on the preset selections the kiosk presents to you. Its a great option if you are in a rush and just need something to show. The kiosk is usually lower quality and only has so many options available to you for your selection.

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