Professional Photographer: Albums and Books

As a professional photographer, you may be asked to present clients with a collection of the work you did for them. A bride and groom, for example, may request an album that they can have as a keepsake and display. It is your job to put together that photo album and sell it to them as a complete package. If you have an eye for style and if you know how to place photographs on a page, you will find this an easy to do job.

Materials You Will Need

  • Photographs
  • An album or a book
  • Acid Free Tape
  • Album or Book Pages with inserted matting

Step 1 - Purchase the Materials

At a photography equipment and materials store, purchase all the materials you will need to assemble your photo album. Pick up different colors and styles of photo albums. Keep in mind that different materials and patterns will work better for different types of events. For example, a cream or white satin album will be ideal for posed wedding portraits, but a funky polka dotted book might be better for pictures of the reception. Select different book pages and matting colors as well as some acid-free tape.

Step 2 - Print Your Photos

Select the photographs you would like to use within your album. If you like, have the clients choose a certain number. Get them printed out.

Step 3 - Arrange Your Photos

Arrange your photos either on a table or on a floor. Lay them out according to how you would best like to present them. If you are putting together a wedding album, for example, you may wish to present your photos in chronological order, or how the day happened. If you are putting together a photo album that will be used as a family tree, you may wish to present your photos with the elders or the youngest family members first.

Make sure the order of your photos make sense, like in a chronological order or arranged by theme. They should not just be thrown into the album. The presentation of your album is very important.

Step 4 - Crop and Cut Your Photos

If you are making a book that is more along the lines of a traditional wedding book, you probably will use the matting you purchased and leave the photos in a standard size. If you are creating a modern masterpiece, take a pair of cropping scissors and cut your photos in desired shapes and sizes. To be ultra precise, use a ruler and a pencil and mark the backs of the photographs.

Step 5 - Insert the Photos

Insert the photographs inside the album. Place them on the page individually and then begin to group them together. Place the photographs on each page so that they compliment each other. Remember to use the acid free tape to fix your photos properly in place.

Step 6 - Add the Cover Page

Pick one of your favorite photographs to be displayed as the cover page for your photo album. Display it proudly

Step 7 - Review Your Book

Review your book for completeness. Make any last minute changes you wish. Then put it in a box, tie a bow around the box and add your business card to the ends of the bow. Voila! Beautiful presentation!

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