Production: How To Set Up a Casting Call

When your film or play requires a lot of character spots that need to be filled quickly, you will need to do a casting call. This event allows the director to gather talent, meet the potential additions to the cast and see which of the actors will fit with each spot. Here are the steps in organizing the event. Each step is important as it will determine the quantity and quality of talent that will arrive at the occasion.

Step 1 - Secure a Venue

You will need to secure a venue which will suit the purposes of the event. There should be separate areas that will function as a waiting room and for the actual audition. The waiting area is where the acting hopefuls will be able to practice, fill out required information and where they can meet and ask questions from other members of the crew. The audition area should be a private space where the actors and director can talk. There should also be an ample amount of restrooms available as the amount of time involved in casting can be long. Also make sure that there is a sufficient amount of parking available. Remember to clean the spaces after the audition.

Step 2 - Send Out Notices

Notices of the event should be sent out at least a month before the scheduled call for actors. These include newspapers and casting websites. Magazines specific to the industry can also be used to post notices. If the notice is for a small minor film or movie, the local bulletin boards such as those found in schools can also be utilized for this purpose. The notice should include the time and date of the auditions as well as the materials that the applicants will need to bring. This includes headshots, a sample demo reel and a resume. A list of the parts being cast should also be included with the ad along with the descriptions for each character. This will give aspiring actors an idea of what parts are available and what to expect.

Step 3 - Provide Sides and Information Sheets at the Audition

While the actors are waiting, provide copies of the side and information sheet. Sides are pages taken from the actual script, giving actors a better idea of what the play is about. Having the actors read from the actual script will also give the director a better perception on which of the actors would fit the part. As an alternative to a side, a monologue from the actor can also be requested or both. The can actors can present the information sheets along with their required materials once their actual audition starts. Pictures and videos of the actors and their audition can also be taken for reference.

Step 4 - Be organized

When working to medium to a large size crew, it is important to assign duties to make the event more organized. Remind the crew to be polite and to answer questions that the actors may ask as some of the applicants will be part of their crew in the near future.

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