Production: How To Organize Wardrobe

The wardrobe department carries a great deal of responsibility. Keeping things organized is critical in order to maintain order.

Step 1: Organize by Character

Each character will need to wear a number of outfits throughout the film. Keep all of their clothes together so that you can easily find the right outfit when the actor comes to you.

Step 2: Stay Ready

Keeping the department ready does not only mean having all the items available. These items also need to stay clean and unwrinkled. Use racks to hang the clothes from rather than folding them. Then, use plastic covers to keep dust off of the fabric. Keep a steamer with you to be completely diligent.

Step 3: Organize by Day

In the course of a story, many days will pass and many scenes will happen each day. Go through the script to find out what scenes happen on what movie day. Use this information to keep the wardrobe continuous during the film. Also, take pictures of each complete ensemble so that you can make sure it matches every time the actor puts it on. Be sure to take jewelry and other accessories into account as well.

Wardrobe is a major part of what appears on screen. Taking care of your costumes will enhance your images.

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