Production: How To Organize Props

Missing props can ruin a day of shooting. Keeping these items organized will keep the production moving efficiently.

Step 1: Go through Script

The first thing a prop person should do is go through the script and note any props that are needed throughout. Determine what needs to be bought and what needs to be built. Though the initial shooting schedule may suggest that a certain prop is not required until the last week, things may change. So, try to have everything ready as close to the start of production as possible.

Step 2: Refer to Call Sheets

This information should then be passed on to production so that they can add it to the day's call sheet. When you get a call sheet, it will tell you what scenes to be ready for, along with the required props. However, you should still double check with the crew, to ensure you have everything that's needed.

Step 3: Stay Ready

Always have all the props for the day ready to go. Be sure that you can easily fly them in and out of the set. And, remember that during the shooting day, things can change. So, have all the other props at least in the truck nearby.

Many props are key to a number of scenes. Keeping these items in order will prevent an unwanted wait time.

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