Production: How To Organize Makeup

Makeup can consist of many different items getting jumbled into one bag. Keeping your department organized will keep you from making mistakes or losing time.

Step 1: Compartmentalized Bag

Rather than throwing all of your compacts into one big bag, consider investing in a bag with many pockets to hold various groups of items. This way, you can keep your eye shadows separate from your foundations and will not have to open up every compact in order to find out what is inside.

Step 2: Skin Tones

In all likelihood, your actors will have a variety of skin tones. You can group the products that would be used for each given person. This way, when you find the perfect combination for any one complexion, you can keep it ready for the rest of the shoot.

Step 3: Brushes

Remember that you should not mix brushes amongst actors. For the sake of hygiene, use new brushes at the start of any shoot, and use a different brush for each person. Keep track of which brush is whose so you do not compromise this courtesy.

Makeup is a department that cannot be neglected. Keeping things organized is the least you can do to help your actors shine through the screen.

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