Production: How To Get Professional Actors

Your film production career wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for actors. You must find plenty of actors to make your film a huge success. You can choose between amateur or professional actors. The problem with hiring amateurs is that they are fairly inexperienced.

Amateurs, after all, are beginners in their field. This means that they simply don't have a lot of experience, but doesn't mean they won't produce quality work. They just aren't as familiar with the filming process, thus it might take more time to coach and train them. If you want people who really know what they are doing, then the easiest option would be to hire professionals. If you want to find professional actors, then there is a certain process that you should go through.

Step 1: The Script

If you are interested in hiring a professional actor, then it's important that they like the script. Unlike amateurs, these people will often have a number of other options for employment. If they don't like your script, then they might look elsewhere. After all, this is their full time career. A bad movie could cause themselves problems further down the line. Professional actors will be much more careful with what they choose to accept.

Step 2: Advertising

Once you have your perfect script, you need to start advertising the roles in your production. This is easiest on the Internet, although you can also advertise in various professional magazines and brochures. is one useful site where you can advertise the roles you have available.

Step 3: Short Listing

When people start applying for the roles, you need to start short listing them. Write them down into categories and start choosing the best ones that you would like to give the positions to. This can be time consuming, but it's an important part of the process because you can't possibly hope to see everyone.

When short listing, you will want to concentrate on their experience, why they want the role and also take a look at their head shot. Try to identify whether or not this is touched up, as this might make a difference.

Step 4: Auditions

Armed with your short list of prospective actors, you then need to invite them all to an interview. Even though these people are professionals, it's important to invite them to an interview so that you can see what they're like. You can either ask them to prepare something themselves or read from your script.

You will then be able to narrow down the choices even further. This should get you closer to choosing the people that you want to perform for you. However, if you're still not sure, then you can try inviting them back for a second audition.

Step 5: Dealing with Professionals

Sometimes, when dealing with professionals, it can seem as if they mean everything to your production. While they are an important part of the final product, they aren't gods. If they are acting up, then you shouldn't hesitate to fire them. Nobody is indispensable and everyone can be replaced.

Perhaps the only time you would put up with an awkward actor is if they had such a good reputation that they really would make your film more popular.

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