Production: How To Film Fireworks

Video production can be great fun, but it's also a real challenge. If you are trying to record anything new, then you will need to first find out exactly how to do it. Recording fireworks, for example, is unique and requires a lot of patience. Fireworks are difficult to film or take photos of simply because of the high contrast. Fireworks will be at night, and they are always very bright. This can make capturing them and making sure that the exposure is correct very difficult.

Step 1: Fireworks Mode

The first thing that you should do is take a look at your camcorder and detect whether there is a fireworks mode. This will normally be shown by a picture of fireworks on the mode selection dial. You can also read through the instruction manual to find out whether or not your camcorder supports this option.

The fireworks mode is the easiest way to record videos of fireworks. This means that your camera will automatically be adjusted to the correct settings for recording fireworks. If your camera is lacking a fireworks mode, then you can also try the stage mode. Fireworks mode is a good and quick way to take videos of fireworks. However, there are options which will make it easier to take higher quality videos of fireworks if you adjust some of the settings.

Step 2: Exposure

If your camera doesn't have a fireworks mode or you want to get better results, then you will need to learn how to adjust the exposure. It's impossible to leave the camcorder on automatic and actually record the fireworks. Camcorders will try to allow as much light in as possible, which will cause the fireworks to be over-exposed. Adjust the aperture of the camcorder so that the fireworks are well defined on the video. You can read through the manual to find out how to do this.

Step 3: Focus

If your camcorder is set in auto focus mode, then it's not going to be able to focus on the fireworks correctly. This is because the camcorder will wrongly believe that there is something in front of the fireworks which it will lock on to. Ideally, you want to focus manually, but this won't always be an option. If not, put the camcorders focus mode into infinity. This means that the camcorder will not lock onto anything close.

Step 4: Tripod

If you intend to make good fireworks videos, then a tripod is essential. You will be working at low light levels, so even the smallest movement will cause the video to be blurred. The more you adjust the aperture settings, the more likely it will be to blur.

Holding a camcorder throughout a fireworks show will also make you very tired. This is another reason why you should consider using a tripod. Make sure that you can set the tripod up somewhere that it won't be disturbed and then frame your shot. It will then be possible to start recording.

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