Production: Daylight 5600K Color Temperature

If you plan on having a career in production, then you need to understand the concept of color temperatures. Color temperatures are expressed in degrees kelvin and that is a measure of color output. Color temperature has nothing to do with the operating temperature of the light. 


Light comes in all different colors. Daylight and tungsten are the two most common color temperatures found on a film set. Both contain every color across the visual spectrum, but daylight is much stronger on the blue end. Daylight's color temperature measures at 5600K. If you're camera was white balanced under tungsten lights, then this blue color will be very noticeable under daylight conditions. 

Color Balancing

The bulbs used in the lights on film sets are either tungsten balanced or daylight balanced. Sometimes it becomes necessary to mix both of these lights. When combined together, the image doesn't look too good because parts of the frame appear orange or blue. To compensate for this problem, we place color correction gels over the lights. The gels come in different intensities, but when using them, the goal is to balance the lights so that there is an overall unified color temperature. This way the colors that you record are even and rich.

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