Production: A Day-Of Checklist

There are is lot involved in preparing for a production whether it is a movie production or a stage presentation. In this regard, it is important to create a checklist on the day of the production to ensure that everything is in order and everything is where it should be.

  • List of Equipment: One of the most important items in your checklist is to list down all the equipment you will need for the production. Make sure that your list is complete from the cameras to the extra batteries. Also, make sure that the number of or quantity per equipment is also listed. Also, include in this list any cables or ports that you will need to operate these equipment including extension cords and converters. You do not want to go back and forth from the location of the shoot to your office or warehouse just to bring in equipment that you have forgotten. It is a waste of time and effort.
  • Legal Documents: If you will be shooting in another location, it is advisable that you bring the original or copies of any legal documents for the shoot. This often includes the contract with the location, permits or passes from the city administration, receipts if you expect any delivery on the day of the production. However, make sure that all these contracts or agreements have countersigned and are legal. You do not want to have to deal with legal issues just because of some technical stuff.
  • Communication: Another item that you should include in your checklist is your communication equipment especially if the location is too large for you to properly talk with your production team. Write down walkie-talkies, pagers or mobile phones on your checklist. Also, write down how many you will need and who will need them. It is always advisable to appropriately label these items with the name of the production and production member for accountability once you are done shooting. It is also important that you list down the contact numbers of key members of the production team and give these members a copy of the numbers.
  • Vehicles / Transportation: You should also include in your checklist the vehicles or transportation that you will need for the production. Vehicles can be for a prop or for use of the production team. Properly mark each of the vehicles as prop and as production use so that there will be no confusion as to which vehicle should or should not be used. Also, ensure that adequate parking space is allotted for your vehicles as well as any parking passes needed for the location.
  • Set Backdrops / Props / Wardrobe: You will also need a list of the props or set backdrops that you will need for the production. This is to ensure that you have all the props you need before you set of for the location. Make sure that you label the props properly. If you can, put in the label the address of the location, the name of the production and the scene.
  • Food and Beverage: It is also important that you allot space in your checklist for food and beverages for the entire production crew. Determine how long you will be staying and how many meals you need to serve for the entire production shoot.
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