Product Photography: Adjusting for Different Subjects

Do you know what it takes to get into product photography? It certainly takes a lot of hard work and artistic talents. You have to have many different skills and you must know how to put together a photo shoot that will produce wonderful looking photos that will help your client sell their product. You, as a photographer in product photography, must learn the art of selling. In addition to this, you must know how to adjust for different subjects. Here is how to approach adjusting the subjects on your photo shoot.

Step 1 - Use a Riser

If you are photographing a fairly small product, you will want to use a riser to help you prop the subject up. The riser can be nothing more than a block covered in a sheet that matches your background color. You can add one, two, or more risers to your display setup. This will give you a good deal of flexibility when setting up your subject for your photo shoot. Try to position the subject in different ways and with different angles.

Step 2 - Use String (Clear Nylon)

There are many instances when you would like to suspend your product from the air and have it 'floating in space' to take the photograph. Imagine taking a picture of a guitar and suspending it from the ceiling against a white background. The guitar looks much more interesting and can be hung at varying degrees or angles. Keep Nylon thread with you at all times in order to take advantage of this simple suspension technique. The nylon thread will not show up in your photographs.

Step 3 - Use People

Depending on your type of product an the type of emotion you want to evoke, you may want to use a model. Sometimes you can just use a piece of the model in the portrayal of your photograph. For example, imagine taking photos of chocolate covered strawberries held up to a pair of luscious lips. All you are focusing on is the strawberries and the lips. Try to be imaginative when you take photographs of products and adjust and add elements necessary to help sell that product.

Step 4 - Check the Lighting

Lighting is a very important component in product photography. Make sure you focus on using a soft light. Natural light tends to lend itself well to this type of photography. You must be aware of your subject and adjust the light accordingly to both the subject's attributes and the background.

Step 5 - Use a Light Box

Sometimes it is necessary to place your subject inside a light box. A light box can add the right amount of light to different subjects or products. It helps to cast the appropriate shadows and light the particular corners or elements of the product.

Step 6 - Use Your Imagination

Above all else, use your imagination and creativity when adjusting your subject for the product photo shoot.

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