Pre-Production: Planning for Transportation

A major part of pre-production is planning for transportation. There are many elements that need to be brought together for a day of shooting. Ask yourself how they will get there.

Step 1: Equipment

The amount of equipment that will be used varies from production to production. Regardless, it all needs to be able to move around. You will need trucks to be available from the day of equipment check-outs until the day of returns. You will need a secure place to park these trucks between shooting days, and you will need to hire people to drive these trucks.

Step 2: Crew

Many times, your crew can get themselves to set. However, if they are going to be driving, you will need to find a place for all of their cars. If this is not possible, you can find a remote location for them to park, then shuttle them to set in a passenger van.

Step 3: Actors

It is courteous to have a car pick up your stars from their homes and bring them to set. You could hire a limo each day, but it may be less costly to rent a car and hire an extra production assistant.

Transportation will take a lot of planning, which cannot be compromised.

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