Pre-Production: 6 Tips for Location Photos

When you are preparing to make a video, you will need location photos to correctly decide where you want to film. The location of your film will dictate whether it is a success or failure. It's imperative that you choose the ideal location for your film so that you can make the best and most popular film possible.

1. Take Location Photos

Many first time film producers believe that they will be able to visit numerous locations and remember them all. This is how they plan on choosing the different locations that they want to film at. In practice though, it will be extremely difficult to remember the different locations correctly. This will make it almost impossible to choose the right locations correctly.

One great way to remember the different locations that you have visited is by taking location photos. These photographs can be looked at whenever you need refreshing about what a certain location has to offer. This will make it fairly simple to remember the different types of locations which are available for different types of shots.

2. Use Different Angles

When taking location photos, it's a good idea not to only concentrate on taking them from one angle. Actually, you should take the photographs from a number of different angles. If you only take the photos from one angle, then it can be difficult to see exactly what's available. By photographing from different directions, you can get a good sense of exactly what that particular location has to offer you.

3. Use Digital Photography

Even if you're a lover of film, you should use digital cameras for your location photos. You don't even need to buy a high end digital camera. It should be possible to make do with a fairly simple compact camera to take the shots. These shots will only serve the purpose of reminding you what the location looks like. This means that there is no need to be too detailed with them. Digital cameras allow you to review the footage instantly. It also makes it easy to compare locations by pulling up two photos together.

4. Consider the Season

When taking location photographs, bear in mind the differences that seasons can make. The time between your photos and the time you start filming could change the location quite a lot. In order to get around this, you will need to take a photo at the same season as you intend to start filming.

5. Consider the Time of Day

The time of day can also have an impact on the look of certain locations. To make sure that the location is perfect, try taking photos at different times of the day. It's amazing how much the time of day can influence your choice of location.

6. Save the Photos

Even when you've finished with your project, you should never discard the photos. Actually, it's much better for you to keep a record of them and store them safe. It would even be possible to index them depending on their characteristics. This will make it much easier to find somewhere to film at again in the future.

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