Pre-Production: 6 Tips for a Getting that Great Idea

Pre-production is an important part of the creative process, whether you're creating a movie, music or television show. This is really just making a plan of everything you are going to do. Pre-production is necessary to make sure you are on the correct path once you start making the movie or album. Without pre-production, you may find you waste a lot of time and money, which could have been avoided.

1. Scout the Area

If you are having difficulties finding that great idea, then go out and start driving around. Look at interesting locations and buildings that may inspire you. Getting out and looking at new scenery can help get the brain working. Movies are visual, so your brain should be thinking in pictures and visuals. You can even go so far as to start to plan out shots, what direction would you shoot in, or if there is a specific piece you want to incorporate in the shoot.

2. Consider the Equipment

Think about the type of equipment you will need. This includes video and audio equipment. You will need to look into software and hardware options. You may already know which specific pieces of equipment you have at your disposal. However, this is an important part of planning the budget. By planning out what you need in advance, you will also ensure that there is plenty of time to obtain the equipment that you need.

3. Define the Concept

If you are having problems coming up with that great idea, then first try and make a clear definition of your concept. The concept is the primary message or purpose of your film. You can think of the concept as the final destination. What do you want your audience to come out of the movie with? Everything else can come from a clearly defined concept.

4. Think about the Shots

If you have ideas of some specific shots, then make sure you storyboard them out. Keep in close contact with the director of photography. By bouncing off shot ideas with the DP, you can uncover some fantastic ideas that might not have been apparent to you, but are brought out when someone looks at what you are doing with fresh eyes. It is important that you as the director and the DP work together closely, so you get exactly what you want during production.

5. Look at Art

You also want to be in close contact with your art department. No matter what industry you are in, the art department is important. You can come up with the ideas, but it is the individuals in the art department that can make those ideas come to life. If you are having trouble with ideas, then look at some art and find things that you like or are inspiring.

6. Listen to Music

Many individuals also use music to instigate creativity. Music can be used to help an individual relax and concentrate on the task at hand. You can listen to the tunes and let your mind wonder free - who knows what your imagination will come up with.

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