Photography Tips: Making Houses Look Bigger

Follow the photography tips below when shooting a house to make it look bigger. This is a huge selling point to a prospective buyer. People do not want cramped rooms and tiny space. They want open, even airy spaces. The tips below will help you make a house look larger than it actually is.

Lighting is Key

Let the light into the room. Use natural lighting by opening up the windows. Full height glass panes work well. If you attempt to make the lighting fake, the viewer may be able to tell. Having a large picture window can make a room seem larger and more open.


Mirrors can make any space seem much larger. Use a central point and angle your mirrors towards it as this will give the illusion of depth. The mirrors will also reflect light, both natural and artificial. Mirrors don't just belong on the walls. Use a mirrored coffee table or mirrored cabinet doors to reflect even more light into the room.

Choose the Right Props

Furniture can take up a lot of space. Stick to clean lines. Place the large furniture against the walls so the open space in the middle isn't broken up. This will make the scattered space seem smaller. Use some furniture pieces that are the same color as the walls. Even the bigger items like armoires and chests will begin to blend in with the room and widen it out. If the furniture in your room is tall, it may seem like the ceilings are very low. Do not clutter the room with unnecessary furniture. The fewer objects in the room, the more space is available for shooting.

Keep It Clean

Picking up clutter off of the floor will make it seem larger. As written above, the less items on the floor, the bigger the room will look. Take large rugs off of the floor in order to make the floor seem more spacious.  Keeping pictures off of the wall will also seem the walls seem larger. One large picture works much better than a group of smaller pictures. This will also create a focal point for the entire room, forcing the viewer to concentrate on that one area.

Room Specific Ideas

Do not use a large bed in a small bedroom. This will make the room appear smaller with less floor space. The main function of the room is sleeping so adding extra furniture to a room will take away from the space available in the room. If you are shooting a walk in closet, use an organizer to make the clutter appear less. Stay away from prints in the living room. Do not place an animal print as a rug on the floor as this will appear to make the floor look busy and less organized.

These are just some of the ideas in order to make a room appear larger. Remember that clutter and busy patterns are a photos worst nightmare when it comes to space and you will be able to take some quality shots.

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