Photography Tips: Don't Shoot at Noon

Follow these photography tips to get the best out of your natural light. Whether you are an event photographer or shooting architecture and buildings, there are great times and not so great times for taking these pictures. Generally speaking, it is not a great idea to take your photographs at high noon. If this is impossible, however, you will need to know how to deal with the bright sun. Here are a few tips on how to take the photographs at noon.

Avoid the Harsh Light

Time is money, and you want to make sure your product turns out great. The high sun around noon time is usually the time of day where the sun is at its strongest. The light that reflects from the sun is very harsh at this time of day and will just make your photographs look terrible. They will cast unnecessary shadows an it will distort your photograph.

Move Closer

When taking photographs during this time of day, a better picture is taken if you are a little closer to the subject. By moving physically closer to the subject, you will help to eliminate the big shadows and the highlights that are reflected from the sun's rays. When you move in closer to the subject, you actually simplify your composition and therefore maintain better detail for your photograph. Remember, high sun will cause your photograph to lose the detail about your subject. The detail can be brought back into your photograph if you move in closer.

Take Advantage of Clouds

Look up! That's right, you need to be aware of the clouds. Take a look at how the clouds are moving. If they are moving towards the sun and if it looks like they will cover the sun, even partially at sometime during the day, then you will want to wait for an hour or until the cloud starts to move over the sun. This will help to soften your photos when you take them. Waiting for the passing cloud will help to revive the colors in your photograph. In addition, your photograph will turn out much sharper.

Use the Flash

Most people think that you should put the flash away when it is sunny. On the contrary, by using the flash at high noon, you will create additional detail in your photograph, particularly of the people you are photographing that day. The flash bounces off the other light and helps to promote this detail.

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