Photography Lighting Tips for Shooting Models

When taking photographs of models it's important to concentrate on photography lighting. The lighting in your photos is very important as this will affect the quality of the image.

You must spend time designing the photography lighting system so that you can take high quality photos. If the lighting system is poor, even the most advanced equipment won't produce professional photos.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Digital Camera
  • Studio Strobe Lights
  • Model

Step 1 - Preparing the Studio

Most photographers will spend most of the day in their studio photographing models and various other subjects. When you are shooting indoors, it's important to make sure that all the light is used effectively to create a high-quality image. Lighting is vital because it can help to accentuate certain features and cover up others. If you can make a model look good then your work is already done. Bad lighting effects will make anyone look awful no matter how they really appear.

The lighting will affect your entire image more than anything else. If the lighting isn't right, this will cause more damage to your photo than if you are using an inferior camera or lens.

Step 2 - Make Use of Available Light

One useful tip for photographing models is to make use of the available light in the room. It's not possible to control the available light as most of this will be coming in through the window. This means that you will have to position the model so that you can make the most out of the light. You should move the model so that the sun light is in front of or behind him or her, depending on what you want.

It can be difficult to make use of available lighting because it is not reliable. If it's raining or overcast then you might not get enough light streaming through your windows.

Step 3 - Studio Lighting

The other tip is to concentrate on improving your studio lighting. You need to be able to position and move the lighting without much hassle. This instantly gives you much more control over the lights which means you don't need to worry so much about where the model actually stands. Studio lighting is also much more reliable. You can still take great photos, regardless of the weather.

Unless you have a very good lens and can shoot in high ISO settings, you won't be able to take decent photos without studio lighting. The results of your photography will depend a lot on the available light in the room. The best type of lights to use are strobe lights. These are linked to your camera and will flash when you press the shutter. This means that they aren't continually flooding the room with lots of light.

Flash lights are very useful as they consist of two different bulbs. One bulb makes it possible to see how the light will look on the model. The second brighter bulb will only light up when you press the shutter. This makes them comfortable to work with because the model will not suffer extreme heat produced by the lights.