Photography Equipment: 3 Items that the Pros Prefer

In order to be a professional photographer, you need to have the right photography equipment. Here are three items that the pros like to have with them during a shoot.

1. Flex Fill Reflectors

Flex fills are collapsible reflectors that are used for bouncing light onto a subject. They're light weight and because they're collapsible, they are easy to transport. Flex fills come in three colors: white, gold and silver. White is very neutral and adds fill light onto the subject, while the light from the silver has a cool look and the gold appears warm. 

2. Flash with Diffusion

Having a flash attached to your camera is always great because it allows you to add more light in situations that need a little extra for exposure. If the flash is too much for the shot, you can just turn it off. Also, if you're using a flash attachment, you should have the diffusion for it in case you need to soften the light.

3. Tripods

Sometimes a photographer will find himself in a situation where the light is very low. In order to compensate for this, he needs to slow down the shutter speed to get the proper exposure. If this is the case, the camera should be mounted securely onto a tripod because the slightest movement during the exposure process can cause the image to become blurry.