Photographic Masters: 3 Websites for the Best Photographers

All the best photographers have websites they turn to to gain inspiration and see what other photographer's are creating. Presently, many of the best photographers have managed to expand their artistic ideas from their pictures to their online sites. Here are a few of these websites:


Daniel Kennedy is a well-known UK celebrity photographer who is famous for photographing celebrities all over the world. His website features his work in large frames with an easy-on-the-eyes salmon background, complete with small icons at the bottom of the page for easy browsing and selection.


Jason Bell is from Camden, London and is a photographer of many artists, actors, singers and lots more. He is a highly acclaimed and multi-awarded photographer whose website features easy and fast navigation between photos and pages with a very minimalist feel.


This is the official website of Ashley Lebedev, the multi-talented photographer, artist and writer known for visual storytelling through her photographs. Her website features simple lay-outs but with artistically designed accents, large fonts and mostly black backgrounds. The site's welcome page and musical intro gives the site a unique approach from a typical online photo gallery.