Photographic Equipment: 4 Items Preferred by Pros

Even though every photographer has his own style of work and preference, built through practice, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when choosing suitable photographic equipment. There are basically four essential items that offer the widest variety of possibilities and the hardest choice.

1. Cameras

Many of the professional photographers prefer to use 35mm. This means a traditional camera that doesn't use electronic image sensors, but captures the image on film. Both have pros and cons. There are excellent digital full frame cameras that provide you with the quality of shooting with an “old” film camera. It is good to have two camera bodies instead of one, because it means that there won’t be a changing of lenses so often, which will protect them from dust for a longer period of time.

2. Tripods

Some photographers don't use a tripod because they find it useless or too expensive, or simply uncomfortable to carry around. However, pros know that it is necessary if you want to avoid camera shaking and if you want to concentrate more on the shot. The latest tripods are less expensive than the older versions, and they have a lower weight and a compact size when folded. Select tripods with a versatile mini ball head for full control.

3. Lenses

The most important thing pros look for when choosing a lens is that it has an imaging circle made for full frame sensors. Many pros prefer L lenses and a fixed aperture to ensure high quality at any situation.

4. Flashes

Many pros prefer manual flash systems, but you should be careful and take the time to research a bit. These systems may not always be of the highest quality. Here the price, most often, determines the quality. In any case, a professional flash supports E-TTL II and could have custom functions. An advantage is faster flash recycling. It should also be stable, so you should look for one with a metal foot.