Photo Studio Business: Pros and Cons

A photo studio business is a great way to make some extra money if you are good at photography. Read on to learn some of the advantages and disadvantages with running this kind of business.

Managing Your Time

One of the best things about running your own photo studio business is that you are in control of your own schedule. It's your own business, which means that you can make bookings at any time that you want. It's very easy for you to keep certain days free. This means that you have the advantage of a very flexible job where you can do anything you want. If you really need a day off, you don't need to book a vacation.

However, this does provide you with several obstacles and that's because you will have to manage everything yourself. You will need to get yourself a journal or calendar of some form to record all the details of appointments down. This will make it possible to remember when you have to be at work and who you have when.

Certain Income

Another problem with running your own photo studio business is that there is no certainty as to how much money you will make. In your current job, you may pull in a certain wage every month. It can be difficult to live off an income that isn't necessarily steady. You need to ensure that you have enough money to survive while you get your business off the ground.

You can make the income much more stable by offering packages and using lots of promotional tools. Handing out fliers for example should help to drum up business in uncertain times. However nothing is guaranteed and you will always have some months which are better than others. This is just a disadvantage that you will have to live with.

Finding Customers

You will also need to find your own clients, which can be difficult. Build yourself a website which has your photos stored as a portfolio, make sure that this site also contains your contact information including your phone number and address.

Running Your Business

When you worked for someone else you didn't have so many tasks to do, however now you are working for yourself there are lots of different things that you must do to improve the health of your business. Failing to do these day to day activities will cause your business to fail. You must keep accurate and current accounts, you must also ensure that your legal responsibilities are met and that you won't find yourself in hot water in the future.


One of the most difficult things you will ever face is if your business is doing well and you want to expand it. Expanding a business is nerve-racking and very stressful. You need to make sure that the business grows slowly so that you can sustain this growth.

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