Networking Tips for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be a great way to increase business as a freelance photographer. To get more business, you need to expose more people in your area to your work. Follow these tips to increase your visibility for wedding photography.

Website and Brochures
Two of the most powerful methods of advertising are through a website and brochures. After these are ready, you will be able to market them effectively for wedding photography work.

Your website should be designed well and easy to find. Ensure your website has plenty of quality examples of your work. You should also consider allowing customers to schedule appointments and allow them to purchase packages at a discounted price (which  can entice potential customers). Also, make sure your site is optimized for search engines (SEO). You want people who are searching for wedding photographers in your area to find your website. Listing your website in relevant online directories will also help.

For advertising in print, you need a well-designed brochure. It should contain a good amount of quality photos. Also, pay attention to the writing and color coordination of your brochure. You want everything to reflect the professional quality your studio.

Online Marketing

Take advantage of social networking websites. For instance, you can make a page for your wedding photography business or work on Facebook.  There, you could link to your website and provide updates for those who are interested in your work. You may also be able to find relevant forums pertaining to your area, in order to reach customers who are looking for wedding photographers. In any case, make sure you direct them to your website.

Local Marketing
Take advantage of local businesses to display your work. For instance, you could find wedding shops in your area who may be willing to feature your work at their store. Even if this is paid advertising, it would be well worth it to gain some exposure and reach your targeted audience.

Connect with local photographers.  You may develop some relationships with other wedding photographers, who could direct potential clients your way if they are busy.

Advertise Previous Weddings
When you work weddings, this will give you further opportunities to reach potential customers.  First, try to implement your work onto your website.  This way, when people attend a wedding that you do, they will be able to see your work and you will drive traffic to your website. At the wedding, be sure that guests know where they can find your pictures.

If your website allows them to purchase pictures, you could get additional business from this. You could also offer discounts on the website that potential customers will be exposed to, which will spread by word-of-mouth advertising.
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